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Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder

Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder

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Leading the market as the foremost manufacturer, we are highly reckoned for exporting the best stock of Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder. This is considered as one of the best steroids for muscle outbreak and to enhance its strength. Processed in hygienic condition of our unit in strict confirmation with industry standards, this Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder is offered to clients at reasonable price.

Metribolone Raw Powder Quick Detail :-

Price with shipping: $500/10g / $1800/50g / $3400/100g 
CAS No: 965-93-5 
Molecular formula: C19H24O2
Molecular weight: 284.40
Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powder
Assay: 99%
Minimum order: 10g
Supply ability: 10kg/month
Delivery time: 5 to 7 working days 
Quality standard: Enterprise standard

Usage of Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder :-

Methyltrienolone is steroid powder that can augment muscular endurance as well as explosive power. It can treat advanced and repeated breast cancer, ovarian cancer as well as varied other diseases. It is the most influential anabolic steroids ever produced that is also one of the most hepatotoxic androgens. Methyltrienolone is a steroid powder, which helps increase the muscular endurance as well as explosive power. It is also used for the treatment of advanced, recurrent breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other conditions. Though it is toxic to liver & kidneys, Methyltrienolone is a very powerful anabolic steroid, and one of the most hepatotoxic androgens.

Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder Description :-

Metribolone is an anabolic steroid widely used for muscle binding as well as performance boosting. It is a very strong steroid, toxic and non-aromatizing steroid. It should be utilized with caution by the users having cardiovascular disorders, hepatic or renal insufficiency.
It is a high androgenic drug that does not get converted into estrogen. Hence, it comes with varied unfavorable reactions like gynecomastia and water retention can be avoided.

Dissimilarity between metribolone and other anabolic steroids is its anti-catabolic property. It is highly favorable for persons, who wish to minimize the muscle wasting while on a calorie deficit. Its active life cycle is 6 hours and not suggested to women owing to increased toxicity. An anabolic steroid, Metribolone is used for performance boosting and muscle binding. It is a very strong, toxic and non-aromatizing steroid.

It should be carefully used by users with pre-existing cardiovascular disorders, hepatic, or renal inadequacy. It is a highly androgenic medicine. As compared to other anabolic steroids, Metribolone doesn't convert to estrogen. Thus, several adverse reactions such as water retention and gynecomastia can be avoided. Also the metribolone has anti-catabolic property. It is perfect for persons who wish to decrease muscle wasting while having a calorie deficit. Metribolone is not recommended for women, due to its high toxicity. It has 6 hours of active life cycle.

Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder Applications :-

Metribolone is an anabolic steroid available for oral administration as tablets. It is also available as injection. You need to take precautions while using this metribolone owing to its rigorous hepatoxic effects. Unlike other anabolic steroids, it is also indicated to not to use this drug in mixture with other similar drugs.

The rough duration of usage is four weeks. Unusually, most of the users take metribolone for a shorter time. If it is used more than four weeks, you have to stay under the administration of physicians. In addition, it is also suggested to have a close monitoring of the liver function.
For this, it is essential to carry out blood tests and evaluate the safety of the drug on the varied health conditions of the users.

As the doses are decided individually according to the need of each user, there is no clear confirmation on the precise amount of the drug. In order to reduce the incidences of adverse events, people should follow the amount exactly as prescribed. As already mentioned above, it is contraindicated the usage of
Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder in females.

Available for oral administration as well as injection. Users need to exercise with care for the use of metribolone, due to its intense hepatoxic effects. It is not indicated to use in combination with other related drugs. Approximate duration of usage is 4 weeks. In order to lessening the incidence of adverse effects, users need to follow the dosage as prescribed.

Features :-

  • It is highly appreciated for its long shelf life
  • Best known in market for its balanced pH level
  • Useful in burning fat and maintaining muscle tissue

Methyltrenolone Metribolone Raw Powder Specification :-


Analysis Standard



Light yellow powder

Light yellow powder

Specific Rotation



Melting Point



Loss on Drying







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