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Nandrolone Powder

Nandrolone Powder

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We hold the acumen and expertise in manufacturing, supplying and exporting excellent quality Nandrolone Powder. Owing to its precise composition, longer shelf life and high purity, it is highly acknowledged in the market. Moreover, it is safe to consume and has no side effects. We supply this drug within a short time frame to our clients. Nandrolone Powder helps in increasing bone mass, body tissues and promoting growth of red blood cells.


Nandrolone Base Powder Quick Detail :-

Price with shipping: $100/10g / $190/50g / $290/100g / $1100/500g / $1900/1kg
CAS No: 434-22-0
Appearance: white powder
Molecular formula: C18H26O2
Molecular weight: 274.4
Assay: 98%
Delivery time: 4 to 7 days
Minimum order: 10gram
Supply ability: 100 kg/month
Quality standard: Enterprise standard

Usage :-

Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid, a group of drugs that are commonly synthesized from reproduction hormone testosterone of male. It can help to rebuild the body tissue, increase bone mass & body, as well as promote the formation of red blood cells. 

Nandrolone Base Powder Description :-

Nandrolone is usually found with a cypionate, decanoate, laurate, or plenylpropionate ester. In brief, the ester ascertains that how much of the given hormone is released over a time period. Longer esters, such as decanoate peak slowly, and keep blood plasma levels stable up to ten days. Shorter esters, such as phenylpropionate peak rapidly but with shorter half-live. As compared to longer esters, the shorter esters release more active hormone per mg.

Applications of Nandrolone Base Powder :-

It is medically used to treat severe debility, or disease states as well as refractory anemias. Nandrolone base supports tissue building processes, stimulates erythropoiesis / red blood cell production and reverses catabolism / muscle destruction. As a result, it is a very helpful drug to treat wasting disorders, such as advanced H.I.V. It is highly sought after by athletes and bodybuilders.

Features :-

  • Qualitative and very reasonable prices
  • Highly pure and safe
  • No side effects and longer shelf life
  • Avail in various specifications
  • Effective packaging options
  • Timely delivered to customers
  • Tested on industry set norms and guidelines

Specifications :-

Commodity Name Nandrolone Powder
Origin China (CN)
Brand Name ISP
Purity Above 98%
Packaging Foil bag
Delivery lead time Within a week
Minimum order 100 g
Supply ability 100 kg
Payment TT/ WU
Inspection None Specified
Samples Free
Sample Price 0 USD
OEM Service Yes


Other Details :-

Test Items                Specification Results
Description :  White or Almost White Crystalline Powder White Powder
Assay :    98.00%min 99.29%
Loss On Drying :    0.5%max 0.05%
Specific Rotation :    +50~+60° +57.8°
Melting Point :    115~125°C 121.3~123.6°C
Ignition Residue :    0.10%max 0.07%
Conclusion :    The specification conform with enterprise standard.