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Testosterone Isocaproate Powder

Testosterone Isocaproate Powder

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With the help of expertise of our creative professionals, our organization prepares Testosterone Isocaproate Powder in a hygienic and safe environment. Examined on various quality parameters, this powder is known for its exact composition of isocaproate and other chemical compounds. The offered powder is widely used to treat the testosterone deficiencies in males. This Testosterone Isocaproate is available to our clients at customized packaging option at budget friendly rates.

Testosterone Isocaproate is a hormone developed in the testes of males accountable for giving specific sexual traits to males. This mimics the body's natural rhythmic discharge of testosterone during a time-release patch. It is introduced in the steroid world by appearing in Omnadren and Sustanon 250, the two highly popular testosterone blends presently in the market.

In addition to Anadur, Durabolin and Deca-Durabolin, this is the other steroid containing nandrolone. It is preferred by athletes as it ensures excellent results along with minimal side effects.

Though it is contrasted to "Deca", its outcome is mg per mg comparable. The reason is that it is a little androgenic with an anabolic result; therefore it strongly promotes the protein synthesis. It does not aromatize in dosage below 4 ml/ week. It is
highly effective for 1-2 weeks, therefore requiring more common injections than Deca. Its powder is available with us.


Testosterone Isocaproate Powder Quick Detail :-

Price with shipping: $95/10g / $160/50g / $250/100g / $750/500g / $1300/1kg
CAS No: 15262-86-9
Molecular formula: C25H38O3
Molecular weight: 386.57
Appearance: White powder
Assay: 99% min
Delivery time: 5 to 7 business days
Minimum order: 10 grams 
Supply ability: 500 to 600kg/month
Quality standard: BP2003

Usage :-

Testosterone Isocaproate is a part of Adrenal cortical hormone drug – anti-inflammatory and anti–allergy. As compared with the other similar medicines, it has no side effects. Appearing in Omnadren as well as Sustanon 250, Testosterone Isocaproate acquired its introduction to the world of steroid. These are very popular testosterone blends in the market. 

Testosterone Isocaproate Powder Description :-

It is rarely found as a compound of single ester based testosterone, and in most cases portion of testosterone blends. Testosterone Isocaproate increases protein synthesis, recovery abilities, and reduces the cortisol. It helps in increasing the strength & mass, and also effective for hormone replacement therapy. Isocaproate is not an anabolic steroid, but an ester attached to a steroid in the same manner as the popular Enanthate or Cypionate esters. 

Testosterone Isocaproate Powder Applications :-

Help in increasing the body weight, gaining the strength, and losing the body fat. Testosterone Isocaproate gives an increase in red blood cells, libido, stamina, and quick recovery after heavy trainings. It is helpful in increasing the protein synthesis in body and cortisol reduction. Also, it is efficient in both bulking and cutting cycles.
Testosterone Isocaproate Powder is widely used to boost testosterone deficiencies like hypogonadism as well as sexual dysfunction with restricted side effects that can be used to anti-inflammatory, adrenal cortical hormone drugs, anti allergic and antitoxic.

Features :-

  •  No side effects.
  •  Can be kept safe for long time.
  •  Soluble in acetonechloride.
  •  Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory steroid.
Average Test Results :-

Test Items Specification Test Results
Appearance White or almost white crystalline powder qualified
Loss on drying 0.5%max 0.24%
Optical rotation  +79~+83 81.4
Assay(HPLC)  97-103.0% 98.85%
Free acid 0.5%max 0.36%