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Turinabol Tablets

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Oral turinabol / tbol 40 mg tab

  1. The active chemical substance : clordehidrometil testosteron

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  1. Packaging is available in various forms : 40 mg / tablet, 100 tabs / tub

  2. oral turinabol dosage : Oral Turinabol steroid has an anabolic result on the organism which is pooled with an effortless and simple androgen effect. This Oral-Turinabol had a simpler and trouble free effect then Dianabol and it didn't lead to a boost of the strength and mass. The highest level of concentration of Oral - Turinabol in blood, with doses which ranges from 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg per day is equal to 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5 times concentration of endogen Testosterone which proves that the competence and effectiveness of the product completely depends of the dosage used. It may be slightly possible that the formula emerged in the democratic country of Germany  - 1 pill (WHICH IS approximately 5 mg) for 25 kg of weight would be enough for the need of any bodybuilding person. If we make use of this formula, a sportive with 100 kg should take around 4 pills of 5 mg per day. In practical, they can make use of the same between 5 pills to 10 pills a day which is of 5 mg each.

In this way, most of them can achieve the most desired and confirmed good results : such as a solid muscle weight, significant flux of strength, sustaining small or minimum quantity of fluids in organism and minimum level of unfavorable reactions. Due to its varied qualities, Oral-Turinabol was classified as a steroid which was used before any kind of competition for both men and women. The product was then recommended by most of the physicians for various competitions that used the doping test because the substances resulted post consuming the pill would be eradicated in a small period of time.

After 10 days of administration in 20 mg doses per day, the body didn’t produce so much testosterone, but this would come to a usual post 5 days from stopping using it.  This Oral-Turinabol, when it is compared with other kind of steroids, would minimize the level of endogen testosterone, approximately up to 60% to 70%, while Dianabol for example will do the same up to the range of 30% to 40%.